Wei Bai (白巍)

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Principal Software Research Architect
Networking Software and System Architecture

11431 Willows Rd NE #200,
Redmond, Washington, 98052 USA
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About Me

I am a Principal Software Research Architect at NVIDIA. Before that, I was a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond. I received my Ph.D. and B.E. from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, respectively.

I am broadly interested in computer networking with a special focus on data center networking. I truly see myself as a fusion of a software engineer and a network plumber. I have rich experience in developing and operating production cloud networks. Currently, I am mainly focusing on network infrastructure to support hyperscale AI workloads. While my primary goal isn't publication, I do contribute to the academic community by sharing my insights through various publications.

Recent Professional Activities


  • Jan. 2024   Join NVIDIA!

  • Dec. 2023   Our RDMA NIC testing tool Lumina is open source.

  • Dec. 2023   MLT, Reverie and Harmonic are accepted to NSDI 2024.

  • May 2023   Lumina is accepted to SIGCOMM 2023.

  • Apr. 2023   Our Intra-Host Network vision paper is accepted to HotOS 2023.